Wrongful Death Suit Filed against Wells Fargo after Man Dies in Court Fighting Bogus Foreclosure

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Larry Delassus (photo: Debbie Popovich)

Disabled veteran Larry Delassus of Hermosa Beach died in court last December while opposing the wrongful foreclosure of his condominium, which he had purchased 17 years earlier, prompting those close to him to sue the bank.

The wrongful death lawsuit says Wells Fargo was at fault not only for Delassus losing his home, but also for causing the stress that contributed to his death.

Wells Fargo placed Delassus into default after the bank incorrectly charged him for back property taxes, which it turned out was really owed by his neighbor, not Delassus.

Even after Delassus pointed out the mistake, which Wells Fargo acknowledged, the bank refused to correct the situation or help him bring his account current, resulting in the condo being seized and sold off.

Delassus, 62, suffered from a rare liver disorder called Budd-Chiari Syndrome. He appeared in court for a December hearing, during which he collapsed and died from cardiac arrest within minutes.

The administrator of his estate has sued Wells Fargo, Wachovia Bank, First American Corp. and others in Superior Court, for wrongful death, elder abuse, breach of contract and other charges.

–Noel Brinkerhoff


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