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Name: Kicza, Mary Ellen
Current Position: Previous Assistant Administrator

 Mary Ellen Kicza has served as the assistant administrator for satellite and information services since November 2006. Kicza received her bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from California State University, Sacramento and a master’s degree in business administration from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Kicza began her career as an engineer at McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, CA, developing and testing software for Air Force satellite communications systems. In 1982, she joined NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where she served as a lead engineer, participating in the preparation of Atlas Centaur and Shuttle Centaur launch vehicles in support of NASA, DoD and NOAA satellites.
Kicza then moved onto other positions at NASA, serving as a program manager, deputy director of the Solar System Exploration Division, assistant associate administrator for space science, associate director for Goddard Space Flight Center, associate administrator for biological/physical research and the associate deputy administrator for systems integration.
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