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Name: Yost, Michael
Current Position: Previous Administrator

Michael Yost took over as director of the Foreign Agricultural Service on March 9, 2006. Yost has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Business Administration from the University of Minnesota. He was President of Yost Farms, a family enterprise near Murdock, Minnesota, producing corn, soybeans, spring wheat and alfalfa. From the mid 1990s-2000, Yost was involved with the American Soybean Association, for which he served as Chairman, Vice President and President. Yost strengthened soybeans as a crop and promoted soy-based products. He also held leadership positions in commodity associations at the county and state level. Yost was a member of the USDA’s Biotech Advisory Board and the USDA/Department of Energy Biomass Advisory Board. Recently, he served 2 terms on the National Bio-diesel Board, promoting renewable farm-based fuel. Prior to his appointment, Yost served as Associate Administrator for USDA’s Farm Service Agency and was responsible for programs for conservation, disaster assistance, farm commodities, and farm loans.

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