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Name: Weinstein, Allen
Current Position: Previous Archivist
A native of New York, Dr. Allen Weinstein served as the Ninth Archivist of the United States beginning in February 2005.
Weinstein received his PhD in American Studies from Yale University. From 1966 to 1981 he was professor of history at Smith College and chairman of its American Studies Program. He then worked as a professor at Georgetown University from 1981-1984 and from 1981-1983 as executive editor of The Washington Quarterly at Georgetown’s Center for Strategic and International Studies. He served as professor of history at Boston University from 1985-89.
In 1982, Weinstein served as coordinator and vice-chairman of the US delegation to the UNESCO World Conference on Culture. In 1983, he served as vice chairman of the US delegation to a UNESCO conference in Tashkent and chaired election observation delegations in El Salvador (1991), Nicaragua (1989-90, 1996), Panama (1988-89), the Philippines (1985-86) and Russia (1991, 1996, 2000).
From 1985 to 2003, Weinstein was president of The Center for Democracy, a non-profit foundation based in Washington, DC, that he created in 1985 to promote and strengthen the democratic process. In 1985, Weinstein was a founding member of the board of directors of the United States Institute of Peace and chairman of its Education and Training Committee, remaining a director until 2001. 
Weinstein has been widely published in political and business journals, and he has been a frequent commentator on CNN and other news channels. He is the author of six published books, and his work has appeared in several anthologies. 
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