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Name: Spurgeon, Dennis
Current Position: Former Assistant Secretary
Dennis Spurgeon  led the Office of Nuclear Energy beginning in April 2006 while holding the title of Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy. Spurgeon’s appointment to head the NE represented an increase in title for the department which had previously been lead by a director, William Magwood.
Spurgeon graduated with distinction from the US Naval Academy and served in the U.S. Navy, achieving the rank of captain. He later received his masters of science in nuclear engineering and the degree of nuclear engineer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While serving in the navy, Spurgeon served as technical assistant to Commissioner Tommy Thompson and later to Dr. Glenn Seaborg, chairman of the AEC. 
He also served as a member of the White House task force that developed President Ford’s nuclear policy and as Assistant Director for Fuel Cycle in the Energy Research and Development Administration. 
Spurgeon then went to work in the private sector for the General Atomic Company, where he assisted in the development of nuclear reactor plants for electric power generation.  He also held executive positions at the former United Nuclear Corporation, where as CEO he managed the manufacturing of reactor cores for the Navy and operation of the department’s former N-reactor, located at the Hanford Reservation. He then served as chairman, CEO and principal owner of Swift Group, LLC, an international leader in shipbuilding for commercial and military markets. Prior to joining the NE, Spurgeon served as executive vice president and CEO for USEC, Inc. an international supplier of enriched uranium for nuclear plants. 
In 1997, Spurgeon was the president of the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland, when it hosted the U.S. Open golf tournament.
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