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Name: Sensoy, Nabi
Current Position: Ambassador


Nabi Sensoy became ambassador of Turkey to the United States on January 10, 2006. A graduate of the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Ankara, Sensoy began his career as third secretary and second secretary at the Department of Research in the Foreign Affairs Ministry (1970-1972).
This was followed by assignments as vice consul at the Turkish Consulate General in New York (1972-1975), first secretary at the Turkish Embassy in Venezuela (1975-1977), head of section at the Department of Bilateral Political Affairs for Western Europe (1977-1979), counselor at the Turkish embassies in Cuba (1979-1980) and Washington, DC (1980-1983).
Sensoy then served as advisor to the prime minister (1983-1985), consul general in London (1985-1988), and chief of staff to the president (1988-1990).
His postings in the 1990s and this decade included ambassador to Spain (1990-1995), director-general of the Department of Policy Planning at the Foreign Affairs Ministry (1995-1997), deputy undersecretary of political affairs for the European Union (1997-1998), ambassador to Russia (1998-2002), and deputy undersecretary of general political affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2002-2005).

Nabi Sensoy Lecture on “Turkey’s Foreign Policy, Linked Between the Regional and the Global”

(Halle Institute, Emory University) (begins at 8:00)

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