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Name: Scovel, Calvin
Current Position: Inspector General
Calvin Scovel III has served as the sixth inspector general for the Department of Transportation since October 27, 2006.
Scovel received his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his Juris Doctor degree from Duke University. He also received a master’s degree from the Naval War College.
Scovel joined DOT after 29 years of active service in the US Marine Corps, from which he retired as a brigadier general. Scovel commanded a military police battalion that provided all security and law enforcement services for Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia. He served as legal advisor for a Marine amphibious unit deployed to the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, where it conducted exercises in Japan, the Philippines, Kenya and Australia. Scovel also served as senior legal advisor for the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, which included all Marine amphibious forces in Operation Desert Storm and in a NATO exercise in Norway.
He served as Assistant Judge Advocate General of the Navy for Military Justice, the principal advisor to the Secretary of the Navy and the Judge Advocate General on all criminal justice policy matters. His last military assignment was as a senior judge on the US Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals.
In total, Scovel was prosecutor or defense counsel in 250 courts-martial that included charges of murder, rape, child sexual assault and drug trafficking.
Scovel has worked as an adjunct faculty member for the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies, where he led instruction teams in the rule of law and civilian control of the military for senior civilian and military officials in Honduras, Mauritius, Albania and Serbia.
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