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Name: Reina, Eduardo Enrique
Current Position: Ambassador

Eduardo Enrique Reina, the former Vice Minister of Foreign Relations and private secretary to ousted President Manuel Zelaya, was appointed as the Ambassador to the US by Zelaya in July 2009. Reina has been speaking on behalf of Zelaya while he remains deposed in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, Zelaya’s former ambassador, Roberto Flores Bermudez, stepped down from the post, creating an opening that Reina hopes to fill. Although Zelaya appointed Flores Bermudez, Flores Bermudez supported of Zelaya’s overthrow.

Roberto Flores Bermúdez presented credentials to President George W. Bush on May 15, 2006. He graduated from Law School in 1973 and joined the Honduran Foreign Service in 1977. He was the chief negotiator for Honduras in the Central American Peace Process of the late 1980s, and later served as chief of staff to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and General for Foreign Policy.
In 1990, he was promoted to the rank of ambassador and was appointed to serve as
Permanent Representative of Honduras to the United Nations. During his tenure, he was
elected vice president of the 1991 and 1992 General Assemblies. He also carried out a campaign that positioned Honduras for election to a non-permanent seat in the Security Council in 1995.
He served as ambassador to the US in Washington DC (1994-1998) and London (1998-1999). In February 1999, Flores Bermúdez was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of Honduras, his tenure ending in 2002. 
From 2002-2006, Flores Bermúdez served as Honduras' ambassador to Germany.
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