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Name: Ogego, Peter
Current Position: Ambassador

Peter Nicholas Rateng’Oginga Ogego serves as Kenya’s Ambassador to the United States. He presented his credentials on September 5, 2006. Ogego holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and international law and a master’s degree in public organization and management from Makerere University in Uganda, as well as a graduate certificate in development law, human rights and social justice from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.

He served as the Kenyan High Commissioner for Canada and as ambassador to Cuba, and held several postings in the Office of the President, including Commissioner of Special Programs, Vice Chairman of National Disaster, and a member of the Emergency Response Committee.
In addition, Ogego was a consultant for various organizations in Nairobi, including donor agencies, the Development Communication Institute, the Centre for Institutional Development, Research and Consultancy Services, and the Social Development Network, as well as the lead consultant for Strategic Public Relations and Research Ltd.
Ogego was also the consulting director for the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation—an indigenous development charitable organization focusing on HIV/AIDS and poverty—and coordinator for the Nyanza Professional Caucus, an association of volunteer professionals from the Nyanza province.
In a public lecture on August 28, 2006, then US Senator Barack Obama addressed the University of Nairobi and made it clear that Kenya, in his opinion, was performing poorly in its efforts to fight corruption. The reactions to Senator Obama’s lecture were mostly negative from Kenyan leaders. Specifically, Kenyan Ambassador Ogego was quoted as replying to Senator Obama: “You deliberately, without real cause or reason, other than what appears to be to seek cheap publicity and inconsequential populism, chose to publicly attack the democratically electedGovernment of Kenya, in total disregard for the requisite protocol and acceptable methods to address the issues you raised, what with programmed appointments to meet Cabinet ministers and even the Head of State, since your visit was official.”
Since the controversial relations in 2006, Ogego has since transferred his concerns to deepening the relations of the countries instead of focusing on the past debates. Ambassador Ogego has not yet apologized to Obama or corresponded with him since then.
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