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Name: Murrett, Robert
Current Position: Previous Director
Vice Admiral Robert B. Murrett received his bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Buffalo. He then received two master’s degrees: one in government from Georgetown University, and the other in strategic intelligence from the Defense Intelligence College.
After leaving the Defense Intelligence College in 1980, Murrett, who had been commissioned as a Navy lieutenant shortly after receiving his bachelor’s, was assigned as a watch stander and briefing officer for Navy leaders. In 1983, he began a two-year stint as an assistant intelligence officer for the commander of the Second Fleet, participating in deployments aboard the USS Mount Whitney and the USS Nassau. He moved to Oslo, Norway, in 1986, serving as assistant naval attaché to the U.S. embassy for three years. In 1989, he was reassigned as operational intelligence officer under the commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. He followed that up in 1992 with three years of service as assistant chief of staff for the commander of a Navy carrier group.
In 1995, Murrett became assistant chief of staff for the commander of the Second Fleet. Between 1997 and 1998, he worked with the chief of naval operations staff as executive assistant to the director of naval intelligence. In September 1998, he became director of the Intelligence Directorate in the Office of Naval Intelligence. Almost one year later, he moved on to become commander of the Atlantic Intelligence Command. Between Aug. 10, 2000, and Jan. 25, 2002, he served as director for intelligence for the U.S. Joint Forces Command. Six days after leaving that post, he became vice director for intelligence on the Joint Staff, remaining in that position until March 2005. He then served as director of naval intelligence from April 1, 2005, until July 6, 2006.
President Bush nominated Murrett to replace retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper Jr. as director of the NGA in June 2006. The Senate confirmed him on June 29, and he took control of the agency July 7.
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