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Name: Mallias, Alexandros P.
Current Position: Ambassador

Alexandros P. Mallias has served as Greece’s Ambassador to the United States since October 3, 2005.  

In 1972, Mallias obtained his B.Sc. in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Athens.  During the period 1972-1976, he studied political science at the University of Geneva and obtained a post-graduate certificate from the “Institut des Hautes Etudes Europeennes.”

From 1970-1972, he was a public affairs officer in the Information Center for the European Union. In 1975-1976, he was a press officer in the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations in Geneva before joining the foreign service in 1976.

His first assignment (1976-1978) was head of unit for the Council of Europe (Attaché) in the Department for International Organizations.  In 1978, he was promoted to third secretary. From 1978 to 1982, he served as deputy to the Permanent Representative of Greece to the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) where he was promoted to second secretary.

In 1982, Mallias was posted at the Greek Embassy in Tripoli, and in 1984 was promoted to first secretary of embassy. In 1984, he returned to Athens. During the period 1984–1986, he served with the Middle East Department, the General Inspection, the West Europe Department, and the Cabinet of the Secretary-General.

From 1987-1988, he served as a member of the Delegation of Greece to the CSCE and CFE in Vienna. From September 1988 to June 1989, in Athens, he served as head of the CSCE at the Department for NATO and CSCE. He was then promoted to second counselor of embassy.

In 1989, Mallias was assigned to the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations (New York) as First Counselor for Political Affairs (1989–1993).  From July to November 1990, he served as Deputy Head of the Greek Delegation to the CSCE. (Charter of Paris for a New Europe) in Vienna and Paris.

In 1993, he became Deputy Director of the Diplomatic Cabinet of the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Michael Papakonstantinou.  From January to July 1993, he was a member of the negotiating group headed by Papakonstantinou on the issue of the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

In 1994, Mallias was assigned as Head of the European Community Monitor Mission Regional Office in Sofia (in charge of Bulgaria and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).  He visited Skopje several times, maintaining discrete contacts with FYROM’s leadership.

In 1995, he served as Head of Division for Bulgaria and Romania at the Department for Balkan Affairs.  In December 1995, following the signing of the Interim Accord between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, he was appointed as the first Head of Mission at the Liaison Office of the Hellenic Republic in Skopje.  In January 1997, he was promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary Second Class.

Mallias’ next assignment was in February of 1999 as Ambassador to Albania. From October 2000 until September 2005, he served as Director of the A3 South Eastern Europe (Balkan Affairs) Department.  In 2001, he was promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary First Class, and between October 2002 and April 2003, he was also National Coordinator at the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe.

In 2002 –2003, Mallias was appointed Chairman of the Coordinating Committee for the Greek EU Presidency’s program for the Balkans.

He speaks English, French, and has some knowledge of Balkan languages.

Alexandros P. Mallias’s Official CV

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