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Name: Kirn, Roman
Current Position: Ambassador

Roman Kirn was born in Trbovlje, Slovenia, on February 23, 1952. He has a BA in International Relations from the University of Ljubljana and speaks English, French, Czech, and Serbian-Croatian. Kirn started out at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia in 1977, when Slovenia was still a part of Yugoslavia. He later returned to Slovenia in 1987 and worked at the Committee on Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, where he was in charge of regional cooperation. In 1991 Slovenia gained its independence, and Kirn was appointed as one of the directors in the Multilateral Relations Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 1992-1996 he served at the Minister Counselor at the Embassy of Slovenia in Prague, Czech Republic.

He has extensive experience working with the United Nations and NATO, and was part of numerous Slovenian Delegations at the UN General Assembly sessions. Kirn co-founded the International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance. Kirn served as Ambassador to the United Nations until December 2006, during which period he had various positions ranging from Facilitator for UN Reform to Vice President of the UN General Assembly.
In January 2007 he rejoined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he became the Director of Department for North and Latin America and the Caribbean.
Kirn is married to Jovana Kirn and has two children.
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