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Name: Kakouris, Andreas
Current Position: Ambassador
A native of the United Kingdom, Andreas S. Kakouris has served as ambassador of Cyprus to the United States since December 8, 2006. Kakouris also serves as High Commissioner of Cyprus to Canada.
Kakouris received a bachelor’s degree in politics from the University of Lancaster (1981) and a master’s degree in international affairs from the Norman Paterson School International Affairs of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada (1982).
Kakouris represented Cyprus as a delegate to the UN General Assembly from 1984 to 1992, during which he covered the issues of decolonization, economics and disarmament.
He served as Consulate-General in New York (1984-1988), where he was concurrently accredited to the Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the United Nations. Kakouris worked in the political division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus (1989-1992) and served at the Permanent Delegation of Cyprus to the EC/Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Brussels (1992-1996).
Kakouris was also Deputy Chief of Mission at the Cypriot Embassy in Washington DC (1996-2000), and director of the political affairs division (Multilateral Affairs) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus (2000-2002), during which time he represented Cyprus to the European Union–Associate Countries Political Directors Meetings and was the senior official for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.
Before beginning his new position as Cyprus’ ambassador to the US, Kakouris served as ambassador to Ireland (2002-2006).
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