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Name: Jawad, Said
Current Position: Previous Ambassador
Said T. Jawad attended the Afghan French Lycée Istiklal and earned degrees from the Schools of Law and Political Sciences at Kabul University, and at Westaelische Wilhelms University in Münster, Germany. In 1986 he settled in the United States, where he earned his MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco and worked for a number of law firms.
Jawad returned to Afghanistan after 9/11 terrorist attacks and served as the President’s Press Secretary, Chief of Staff, and Director of the Office of International Relations at the Presidential Palace. He contributed to drafting Afghanistan’s foreign investment laws, and was President Karzai’s principal liaison with the constitutional commission throughout the drafting process of the constitution.
Jawad was appointed Ambassador to the U.S. by President Karzai in 2003, and is also Afghanistan’s non-resident Ambassador to Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and Argentina.
Jawad speaks English, French and German.
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