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Name: Hafstrom, Jonas
Current Position: Previous Ambassador

Jonas Hafström became Sweden’s Ambassador to the United States on August 29, 2007. Born in Stockholm on February 27, 1948, In 1974, he received a Bachelor’s in law degree from Lund University and was President of the Student Union.

He became the District Clerk at the District Court in Nyköping, Sweden from 1976 to 1979. In the same year, he served as the press secretary to the former Minister of Justice Håkan Winberg until 1981. He became the First Secretary at the Swedish embassy in Tehran between 1982 and 1984. For the following three years, he was First Secretary in Washington DC at the Swedish Embassy.
He was a noncommissioned reserve captain in the Swedish Army during the 1980s
From 1987 to 1991, Hafström was press secretary to former prime minister and chairman of the Moderate Party, Carl Bildt. He then went on to several other positions in Bildt’s administration, including assistant undersecretary (1991 to 1994), head of the party’s International Bureau (1994 to 2000), and foreign policy advisor (1987 to 2000).
Hafström served as deputy director-general and head of the Department for Consular Affairs and Civil Law in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2000 to 2004) and was a member of the Swedish Defense Committee (1998 to 1999). From 2004 to 2007, he served as Sweden’s ambassador to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma/Myanmar.
He and his wife,Eva Hafström, have three children.
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