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Name: Goldway, Ruth
Current Position: Previous Chairman

Ruth Y. Goldway has the distinction of being the longest-serving presidential appointee currently in Washington. She was first appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1998 to the Postal Regulatory Commission’s predecessor (the Postal Rate Commission), and twice was reappointed by President George W. Bush. President Barack Obama appointed her chairman of the Commission on August 6, 2009..

Born in New York City, Goldway is the daughter of David Goldway and Rosalyn Hersh. Her father once served as chairman of the editorial board of Science & Society, a quarterly journal of Marxist scholarship. She attended the Bronx High School of Science before going to the University of Michigan. After earning her Bachelor of Arts, she received her master’s in English literature from Wayne State University.
Having moved to California, Goldway served as assistant to the director of the state Department of Consumer Affairs during the 1970s.
She eventually became friends with liberal activist and politician Tom Hayden, who supported her candidacy for Santa Monica’s city council. Elected in 1979, Goldway served four years as mayor of the left-leaning city. She was voted out of office in 1983. Although some thought her defeat was a result of her radical politics, others attributed it to her authoritarian governing style.
From 1983-1984 Goldway was founder and chairperson of the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation.
Her career shifted into the world of higher education when she became director of public affairs at California State University, Los Angeles.
From 1991-1994 she served as manager of public affairs for the Getty Trust, the largest arts and education foundation in the U.S.
During this time she received a small part in the 1993 movie Dave, playing the Secretary of Education in the cabinet of fictional President Bill Mitchell. Goldway got the part as a result of knowing screenwriter Gary Ross.
Goldway and her husband, Derek Shearer, were FOBs (Friends of Bill Clinton), which resulted in Shearer being appointed U.S. ambassador to Finland by President Clinton in 1993. The couple remained in Finland until 1997, during which time Goldway authored several articles for the Finnish magazine “Gloria,” organized seminars on women’s issues and assisted in the promotion of American products and services. Her memoir of her overseas experience, Letters from Finland, was published in Finland in 1998.
She is on the board of Tree People, the New Visions Foundation, and the USC Center for Sustainable Cities. Goldway is a founding member and chair of a networking and mentoring organization, Women in Logistics and Delivery Services.
Ruth Y. Goldway, Chairman (Postal Regulatory Commission)
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