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Name: Garrick, B. John
Current Position: Former Chair
Dr. B. John Garrick was appointed to the National Waste Technical Review Board as chairman by President Bush on September 10, 2004. Born in Eureka, Utah,, Garrick received his B.S. in physics from Brigham Young University in 1952, attended the Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology in 1954-55, received an M.S. in nuclear engineering and his Ph.D. in 1968 in engineering and applied science from UCLA where he studied neutron transport, applied mathematics and applied physics. A founder of the firm PLG, Inc. (Pickard, Lowe and Garrick), an international engineering, applied science and management consulting firm, Garrick retired as president, chairman and CEO in 1997. He is an executive consultant on the application of the risk sciences to complex technological systems in the space, defense, chemical, marine, transportation and nuclear fields. He served for ten years (1994-2004), four as chair, on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste.
Garrick has been a member and chair of several National Research Council committees, having served as vice chair of the Academies' Board on Radioactive Waste Management and as a member of the Commission on Geosciences, Environment, and Resources. He recently chaired the National Academy of Engineers Committee on Combating Terrorism. Among other National Academy committees he has chaired are the Committee on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, the Committee on Technologies for Cleanup of High-Level Waste in Tanks in the DOE Weapons Complex and the Panel on Risk Assessment Methodologies for Marine Systems.


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