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Name: Diagne, Fatou
Current Position: Ambassador

Fatou Danielle Diagne presented her credentials as Senegal’s amAvant d'aller poursuivre ses études outre-Atlantique, elle a fréquenté (1977-1980) l'Ecole des cadres du Commerce et des Affaires Economiques (Edc) de Neuilly-Sur-Seine Paris France Option gestion des PME et l'Iut de l'Université de Dakar.bassador to the United States on March 29, 2010.

Before continuing her studies overseas, Diagne attended the Staff College of Commerce and Economic Affairs (Edc) in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France, and SME Management and Option IUT University of Dakar (1977-1980).Mme Diagne a une expérience professionnelle essentiellement adossée sur l'économie bancaire : 1998 – Juin 1990 : Banque Africaine de développement (Bad) Département FDIS (Division Décaissements des prêts). 1982 - 1986 : Union Sénégalaise de banques (Usb) Dakar, 1981- 1982 : Banque nationale de développement du Sénégal (Bnds) où elle était chargée d'études de dossiers de prêts. After achieivng her educational goal, she worked in the loans department at the African Development Bank (ADB) from 1982 to 1986. She then worked at the National Development Bank of Senegal (ENDS), where she was also responsable for loans. From 1988 to June 1990, Diagne was mainly involved in banking economics. Beginning in 1990, she spent a year at Georgetown University for intensive study of English Language and, while taking some Math courses. .In 1991 Diagne continued her studies at American University in Washington DC, graduating in 1993 with a Master’s degree in Development Studies, with a specialty in development banking. She followed this with a summer at the World Bank.
From Novenber 1997 until December 2000, Diange worked at PETRODJ I (Mococco-Ivoirian Society of Petroleum Products Distribution and Dérivatives) in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. She then spent almost two years working for OIKOCREDIT in Abidjan. From September 2004 until March 2005, she was employed as a technical assistant by the Rwandan Development Bank in Kigali.
In June 2007 Diagne was appointed the minister of Competativeness and Good Governance for the government of Senegal, after which she was selected to be Senegal’s ambassador to the United States.
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