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Name: Dezcallar, Jorge de Mazarredo
Current Position: Previous Ambassador

Jorge Dezcallar de Mazarredo became ambassador of Spain to the United States on August 21, 2008. Dezcallar is a law graduate with a degree in international studies from the Diplomatic School in Spain, and he joined the Foreign Service in 1971.

He has served various postings in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including secretary in the Consular and Commercial Representation in Warsaw (1972-74), secretary in the Consulate General in New York (1974-78), secretary and later counselor at the Spanish Embassy in Montevideo (1978-81), deputy general director of North Africa and the Near and Middle East (1983-85), general director of foreign policy for Africa and the Middle East (1985-93), general director of political affairs (1993-96), and special mission ambassador for foreign policy and common security (1996-97).
Dezcallar served as Spain’s ambassador to Morocco (1997-2001), director of the Superior Center of Defense Information and later the National Center of Intelligence (2001-04), ambassador to the Holy Seat and the Sovereign and Military Order of Malta (2004-06), and general-secretary of the International Strategy Council of Repsol (2006-08).

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