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Name: Ayalde, Liliana
Current Position: Former Ambassador

Liliana Ayalde has served as the United States Ambassador to Paraguay since August 5, 2008. Ayalde holds a bachelor’s degree from American University, and master’s degree in International Public Health from Tulane University. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and has working knowledge of French.

Ayalde has more than 28 years of experience in international development, and began her career at USAID in 1982, under the International Development Intern program in USAID/Dhaka. 
In 1985, Ayalde was posted at USAID/Guatemala during a period of transition to a democratic government, overseeing a variety of social development programs. She was then posted to Nicaragua, where she managed growing assistance programs during the early 1990s. 
In 1993, Ayalde was the Deputy Director for the Office of Central American Affairs in the Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, and became director in 1995 during the peace process in the region, returning as Deputy Mission Director for USAID/Nicaragua in 1997. 
She was assigned as mission director for USAID/Bolivia in 1999, and then served as mission director for USAID in Colombia beginning in 2005.
Ayalde is married and has two daughters.
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