Right Wing Groups Target Valentine’s Day. Again.

Friday, February 13, 2015
Hindu Sena activists protesting against Valentine’s Day in New Delhi (photo: AP)

Young couples need to be on their toes on Saturday. Merely expressing their love in public could lead to them being married off, with right-wing Hindu groups vowing to force marriage on couples found celebrating an indecent "Western festival".

"If you are in love, you should get married," said Ashok Sharma, vice president of Hindu Mahasabha, a conservative Hindu religious organization with branches across India.

"Roaming around in public without marriage does not fit in Indian culture. If we find such young couples, we will get them married off," he told LA Times.

According to media reports, Hindu fundamentalists will be on the lookout for couples carrying roses or caught kissing or hugging at malls and parks. The Hindu Mahasabha has even formed teams to monitor social media.

"Anyone expressing their love on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp will be caught hold of," Sharma warned.

If the unmarried couples who are found out on Valentine's Day are not Hindus, then young males would have to sit through a "purification process" to become Hindu before being married, Sharma said.

Another right-wing group, Bajrang Dal, reportedly plans to deploy priests in parks in Lucknow to conduct quick wedding ceremonies.

These right-wing groups are ideological cousins of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a radical Hindu organization with close ties to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government.

Allies of Hindu right-wing political parties have earlier attacked couples on Valentine's Day and issued threats to restaurants, malls and clubs that attempted to mark the holiday.

But the annual threats have now become commonplace. In the run-up to Valentine's Day this year, the Hindu Mahasabha's plans have invited ridicule on social media, with the subject trending on Twitter this week.

"I love you all. Now waiting for Hindu Mahasabha to get me married to all of you," writer Durjoy Datta said on Twitter.

According to Reuters, students in New Delhi used Facebook to ask people to gather in wedding finery outside the headquarters of the Hindu Mahasabha on Saturday to mock its campaign against Valentine's Day. 1,900 people have already signed up.

"Have to go to the beauty parlour!! The Big day is almost here!!" 'Laxmi Bai', one of the organisers, wrote on Friday.

She told The Hindu that women attending the protest have been asked to wear khaki shorts to parody the RSS uniform.

- Karan Singh

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