Delhi Police to Offer a Rose to Traffic Offenders

Thursday, July 24, 2014
In the first seven months of 2014, 18,343 drivers have been booked for drunk driving in Delhi

The Delhi Police has come up with a novel way of convincing habitual traffic offenders to mend their ways – showing up at their doorstep with a traffic violation notice…and a rose. The notice will inform the offenders whether their licenses would be suspended or cancelled, while the rose is presumably meant to soften the blow.

According to the Hindustan Times, the offenders would also be treated to a lecture on safe driving in front of their family.

Delhi’s roads are one of the most dangerous in India, with 1,820 people killed in road accidents last year. In the first seven months of 2014, 18,343 drivers have so far been booked for drunk driving.

Muktesh Chander, Special Commissioner (Traffic), told the newspaper that two traffic policemen will personally deliver notices to two “habitual drunk drivers” in their jurisdiction.

“The traffic police inspector of Delhi Cantonment has been asked to visit the house of a taxi driver in Mehram Nagar who was challaned three times in 20 days for drunk driving,” Chander said.

Likewise, an inspector from Dilshad Garden will visit the house of a motorcyclist to deliver a notice along with a rose.

According to HT, the traffic policemen have been asked to get a few photographs clicked of their meeting while handing over the notice and rose – presumably for promotion purposes.

“What harsh laws cannot do, a request can. We issue several challans to drunk drivers but it doesn’t help much. Our idea is to make such people realise that their actions not only pose a danger to their life, but also put other’s lives in jeopardy,” Chander said.

Carrying a rose and a notice, while taking a photograph at the same time – only a traffic policemen can juggle all these together.


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