UGC Releases List of Fake Universities

Friday, July 03, 2015

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released a state-wise list of 21 fake universities for the benefit of students. Its notice said these “self-styled and unrecognized institutions, functioning under the contravention of the UGC Act are declared as fake, and are not entitled to confer any degrees.”

The UGC is the apex body for higher education in India and periodically comes out with a list of fake universities.

According to the latest list, six of these universities are in Delhi, while Uttar Pradesh topped the list with nine fake universities.

The UGC Act states that only a university established by a central/state law or an institution deemed to be university under Section 3 of the Act is allowed to call itself a university. Any institution not adhering to this cannot use the term ‘university’.

The six fake universities in Delhi are Varanseya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Commercial University, United Nations University, Vocational University, ADR-Central Juridical University and ADR-Central Juridical University.

According to the UGC’s investigation, these 21 universities are running several undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are not accredited by any authority.

In April, HRD minister Smriti Irani told Parliament that the UGC would take legal action against fake universities.

The agency has informed all unrecognised universities that any misleading advertisements by them would lead to legal action under the Indian Penal Code and UGC Act. A few cases have already been filed by the UGC.

Notices have also been sent to the heads of these universities, asking them to close down operations with immediate effect. In addition, the education secretaries of states have been asked to take action against the fake universities in their respective states.

- Karan Singh

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well if you transfer from the cotmmniuy college to the 4-year institution it should not really affect you since you did obtain a degree from the higher institution. Just know that when you do transfer, the 4-yr school will be much more rigorous and also make sure if you go to the cc that you get advice from the 4-yr institution you want to go to, to see what classes will transfer and the classes you need to take for whatever degree you are pursuing. I have some friends that took courses that did not transfer to certain degrees (i.e. art history for an engineering degree)Personally I think the 4-yr institution will serve you better in the long run so there is no shock when you transfer and see how much harder it is. I go to UT-Austin during the year, and do my basics (history, govt, english, etc) in the summer, and I can say they are much more watered down compared to the coursework I do at UT. To answer your question, if you only got an associates degree from a cc, it would not look too good, but if you transfer to a 4yr school, it should not hurt your chances of getting a job after graduation. The only thing it would affect would be things like if you wanted to go to medical or law school. Just remember to make sure you are taking the correct classes and that they WILL transfer.Best of luck and don't forget to apply for scholarships! Was this answer helpful?

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