Solutions to the Financial Crisis

Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 1:01 AM
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Watching the nation’s news commentators, you would think that the bailout proposal created by the Bush administration, adjusted by the Congressional leaders and then rejected by the House of Representatives was the only possible answer to the nation’s financial problems. Fortunately, many observers from the Left, Right and Middle have presented alternative solutions. Here are a few of these ideas. Some are comprehensive and some deal with individual issues, but they are all worth a look.

Where to Find $900 billion for Recovery (by Anderson, Collins, Muhammad and Pizzigati, Institute for Policy Studies

Tweak the Bailout Plan (by Stuart M. Butler and Edwin Meese, III, Heritage Foundation)
Fix the Bailout Plan (by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, International Monetary Fund)
Increase Transparency, Liquidity and Supervision (by Martin Neil Naily and Robert E. Litan, Brookings Institution)
Home Owners Loan Corp. and Federal Revenue Sharing (by James K. Galbraith, Washington Post)
Cut Defense Spending, now at $612 billion for 2009 (by Chalmers Johnson,
Homeowners Emergency Loan Program (National Community Reinvestment Coalition)
Keep Borrowers in Their Homes (by Andrew Jakabovics, Center for American Progress)
Super-Bonds (by John P. Hussman, Hussman Funds)

Latest News

This Year’s Biggest Dark Money Candidate: Marco Rubio

The Republican presidential hopeful has gotten nearly $8.5 million in TV advertising and he hasn’t paid a dime for it. The ads have come courtesy of the Conservative Solutions Project, an organization that is supposed to use its money to promote social welfare causes. But the only cause it appears to be promoting is Rubio’s, which would appear to be a violation of IRS regulations. The New York Times called the organization’s tactic “one of the most brazen” abuses of the political finance system.   read more

Resisting FOIA Request, IRS Ordered to Pay Attorney’s Fees in Case Impacting Release of Federal Records

The judge’s rulings in the case are seen as setting a precedent in support of requests for e-file data from the government and, consequently, may motivate the IRS and other federal agencies to overhaul its longtime method of releasing records. The IRS had balked at complying with the FOIA request, claiming that it would cost $6,200 to develop new technology and train its employees in its use--an "undue burden" under a "sequestration" budget. Judge William Orrick rejected that excuse.   read more

Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration: Who Is Robert Califf?

In his confirmation hearing on Nov. 17, 2015, Califf drew opposition from Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on his ties to the drug industry. “At a time when millions of Americans cannot afford to purchase the prescription drugs they need, we need a new leader at the FDA who is prepared to stand up to the pharmaceutical companies and work to substantially lower drug prices,” Sanders said. “Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that Dr. Califf is not that person.”   read more

Cambodia’s Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Chum Bun Rong?

He served as a second lieutenant in Cambodia’s army from 1972 to 1975 as a military police officer, with training in the United States at Fort Gordon, Georgia. When the Khmer Rouge took over the country in 1975, Bun Rong initially went into hiding, then was imprisoned by the regime. He told journalists, according to his biography, “I basically thrown away my uniform and escaped into the jungle feeding myself with insects and roots to survive.”   read more

Laos’ Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Mai Sayavongs?

Sayavongs began working with Laos’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1982. He was sent to the then-Soviet Union for education, earning an MA in international relations in 1988. Upon his return to Laos, Sayavongs was a desk officer in the ministry’s Department of International Organizations. He took time to earn another MA, this one in Asia and international studies from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, in 1996.   read more
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