Solutions to the Financial Crisis

Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 1:01 AM
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Watching the nation’s news commentators, you would think that the bailout proposal created by the Bush administration, adjusted by the Congressional leaders and then rejected by the House of Representatives was the only possible answer to the nation’s financial problems. Fortunately, many observers from the Left, Right and Middle have presented alternative solutions. Here are a few of these ideas. Some are comprehensive and some deal with individual issues, but they are all worth a look.

Where to Find $900 billion for Recovery (by Anderson, Collins, Muhammad and Pizzigati, Institute for Policy Studies

Tweak the Bailout Plan (by Stuart M. Butler and Edwin Meese, III, Heritage Foundation)
Fix the Bailout Plan (by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, International Monetary Fund)
Increase Transparency, Liquidity and Supervision (by Martin Neil Naily and Robert E. Litan, Brookings Institution)
Home Owners Loan Corp. and Federal Revenue Sharing (by James K. Galbraith, Washington Post)
Cut Defense Spending, now at $612 billion for 2009 (by Chalmers Johnson,
Homeowners Emergency Loan Program (National Community Reinvestment Coalition)
Keep Borrowers in Their Homes (by Andrew Jakabovics, Center for American Progress)
Super-Bonds (by John P. Hussman, Hussman Funds)

Latest News

Leaked Trade Deal Documents Show U.S. Weakened Environmental Protections, Gave Corporate Lobbyists More Say

“These leaked documents confirm what we have been saying for a long time: TTIP would put corporations at the center of policymaking, to the detriment of environment and public health,” said Greenpeace's Jorgo Riss. “We have known that the EU position was bad, now we see the U.S. position is even worse.” The Sierra Club said it was dismayed that the words “climate change” were “not mentioned once in the 248 pages.”   read more

15 States Wielding New or Stricter Voter ID Laws in Run-Up to Presidential Election

In Wisconsin, Todd Allbaugh resigned as chief of staff to a leading Republican state senator last year after attending a party caucus in which, he said, some legislators “were literally giddy” over the effect of the state’s voter ID law on minorities and college students. “I remember when Republicans were the ones who helped Johnson pass the civil rights bill in the ‘60s — not Democrats,” said Allbaugh. “I went down to the office and said, ‘I’m done. I can’t support this party anymore.’”   read more

Sioux Tribe Accuses Government of Underfunding Native American Health Care

A tribe attorney said: "All we're seeking is for the citizens of Rosebud to get what they've been promised here. We're not suing because the emergency room was shut down. We're suing because [the federal government] under law is required to deliver an open emergency room that provides reasonable medical care. The emergency room has been closed for five months...?" The Sioux say "the federal government spends less on Indian health care than on any other group receiving public health care."   read more

Children’s Brain Injuries from Playground Accidents on Rise in U.S.

Only 3 percent of kids with concussions were hospitalized or transferred elsewhere for additional treatment; 95 percent were sent home after ER treatment. Half of the head injuries were in kids ages 5 to 9 and injuries were more common in boys. Playground equipment most commonly involved in concussions included monkey bars and swings. The study lacked details on how kids got hurt but many concussions result from falls.   read more

Discrimination Continues after Death at Texas “Whites-Only” Cemetery

"Mrs. Barrera, who is Anglo and a U.S. citizen, intended that she and her husband be buried together in the San Domingo Cemetery," the lawsuit states. "In response to her request...Mr. Bradford told Mrs. Barrera 'absolutely not. When Mrs. Barrera asked why 'the board' wanted to exclude her husband's remains from the San Domingo Cemetery, Mr. Bradford responded 'because he's a Mexican,' and that she could 'go up the road and bury him with the niggers and Mexicans."   read more
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