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Date: Monday, May 10, 2010 1:48 AM
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AllGov has added several countries to the Nations section. These are:

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State Abortion Restriction Laws have Averaged almost One a Week Since 2010

State legislatures have passed 282 laws restricting abortions since 2010. Fifty-one new restrictions have gone into effect this year alone. Five of them either imposed or increased time women must wait between their first contact with a clinic and their procedure. Arkansas and Tennessee now require a 48-hour wait. North Carolina and Oklahoma are forcing women to wait at least 72 hours, joining Missouri, South Dakota and Utah in requiring women to wait at least three full days for an abortion.   read more

Coal Industry Congressman wants Companies to Pay Less in Royalties to U.S.

Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana submitted a rider to a budget bill that would stop the Obama administration from ensuring that coal companies pay the proper royalties for mining on public lands. The increase is slated to happen as a result of the Interior Dept. closing a loophole that allows coal companies to sell to subsidiaries at intentionally depressed prices, which avoids royalty payments. Zinke has received almost $10,000 in contributions since 2013 from three coal company PACs.   read more

Overlooked IRS Health Insurance Rule Punishing Some Small Business Owners Suddenly Kicks In

Companies providing reimbursement can be fined $100 per day, per employee under the rule. The penalty can be up to a total of $500,000, per year. “In contrast, the penalty on businesses for failing to comply with the employer mandate is only $2,000 per year,” said Michael Cohn. “It’s the biggest penalty that no one is talking about,” said NFIB's Kevin Kuhlman. “The penalty for compensating employees for healthcare-related expenses is enough to destroy most small businesses.”   read more

U.S. Ambassador to Romania: Who Is Hans Klemm?

Hans G. Klemm was nominated on March 25, 2015, to be the next U.S. ambassador to Romania. It would be the second such posting for Klemm, who previously served in Timor-Leste. In July 2012 he was made principal deputy assistant secretary of state in the Bureau of Human Resources, where he was for a time acting director general of the Foreign Service.   read more

India’s Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Arun Singh?

It’s the third ambassadorial posting for the long-time member of his country’s foreign service and his third term in the United States. Singh’s first posting as ambassador was to Israel in April 2005. He served there until September 2008, when he returned to the United States as deputy chief of mission in the Indian embassy in Washington. Singh went to Paris in 2013 as ambassador there, a position he held until being appointed to head India’s mission in Washington.   read more
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