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Date: Monday, May 10, 2010 1:48 AM
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AllGov has added several countries to the Nations section. These are:

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Battling Obesity in U.S., FDA Approves Sweeping New Rules for Calorie Disclosure

Starting late next year, restaurant chains and movie theaters will have to list calorie counts on their menus. FDA officials are hoping the publishing of calorie totals will help Americans make smarter decisions about what they eat when going out and perhaps shrink some waistlines along the way. Nutrition professor Marion Nestle was surprised to learn that the rules went beyond what she and others expected, applying them to alcoholic beverages listed on restaurant menus.   read more

In Blow to Climate Change Fight, EPA Prepares to End Alternative Fuel Program

Green advocates have been working with investors to develop a new generation of biofuels that instead rely on sources such as corn husks, and forest brush. Those efforts, however, could come to a halt without the EPA’s mandate in place. And the end of the program could mean the end of the line for smaller companies engaged in ethanol production from sources other than corn. The decision by EPA officials came after intense lobbying by oil companies, car manufacturers and driving enthusiasts.   read more

Feds Tell Nation’s Cops to Stop Illegally Seizing Motorists’ Property…But Only if they Want To

Federal officials are now advising local law enforcement agencies to be careful about confiscating cars, cash and other valuables from motorists. But the new code of conduct is strictly voluntary. Cities and counties have seized more than $2.5 billion since 2001 from local police stopping citizens and seizing their possessions, even if they haven’t been proven to having done anything wrong. The agency making the seizure gets to keep 80% of the loot.   read more

Senate Committee Accused of Failing to Interview Men Tortured by CIA for its Torture Report

Their attorneys say the failure to include the men’s testimony in the report raises questions about the thoroughness of the Senate probe. “If you’re conducting a genuine inquiry of a program that tortured people, don’t you begin by talking to the people who were tortured? It seems here, as far as my client is concerned, no effort was made to do that,” said David Nevin, who represents Mohammed. Three of the four men were waterboarded, the CIA has admitted.   read more

U.S. Bombing in Syria Said to Drive More Anti-Assad Rebels to Join or Support ISIS

FSA member Assam Murad said: “There’s no way we would fight ISIS after the U.S. military campaign against them.” An alliance is reportedly being formed between ISIS and four groups that were at war earlier this year. About a thousand al-Nusra Front fighters joined ISIS in just one week. Civilians are beginning to welcome ISIS as well for the group’s social measures and its tough-on-crime Sharia law.   read more
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