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Date: Monday, May 10, 2010 1:48 AM
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AllGov has added several countries to the Nations section. These are:

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When Parents Die, Private Student Loans can Come Due

College students with private loans whose co-signer, often a parent or grandparent, dies or declares bankruptcy are often being forced to repay the entire remaining balance immediately. Individuals caught in this situation include those in good standing who have kept up on their loan repayments, leaving federal regulators puzzled about why lenders are putting these people at risk of defaulting.   read more

Military Judge Orders Release of Information about CIA Torture at Secret Prison

Nashiri was held at several secret CIA prisons before being shipped to Guantánamo Bay, where he has been detained since 2006. His lawyers contend that he was tortured at the clandestine facilities, including being subjected to waterboarding and threats involving a gun and a power drill while CIA officials sought information from him about future terrorist plots. This information, if turned over to the military court, would not be released to the public, according to Pohl’s order.   read more

IRS Paid Bonuses to 1,100 Employees who Underpaid or Didn’t Pay Their Own Taxes

A total of 2,800 employees who were disciplined for all types of misconduct collectively received $2.8 million in bonuses, extra paid time off or raises between October 2010 and December 2012, the inspector general found. The IRS doesn’t take into account if a worker has paid his or her taxes, or whether they have gotten into trouble, when administering bonuses and other awards.   read more

Two-Thirds of Criminals Released from Prison are Rearrested within 3 Years

Recidivism among prisoners is still quite common in the United States, with 67.8% winding up back behind bars within three years of being released. A new study from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the first such federal survey in nearly 20 years, revealed an even higher recidivism rate within five years of inmates being let out: 76.9%.   read more

Chinese Government Accused of Sending Spies to Universities in U.S. and Australia

Thomas Cushman, a sociology professor at Wellesley College, told Reuters he was concerned that the financial advantages of having Chinese students at a U.S. university could lead to pulling of punches and self-censorship when it comes to discussing topics deemed sensitive to China.   read more
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