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Date: Monday, May 10, 2010 1:48 AM
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Justice Department to Ban Religious, Ethnic and Sexual Profiling by Federal Law Enforcement

Attorney General Eric Holder may have announced his resignation, but that doesn’t mean he’s mailing in his final days on the job. On the contrary, the Department of Justice is now preparing a major policy change that will forbid federal law enforcement from profiling based on religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. The new guidelines will not contain an exemption for terrorism despite pressure from national security officials and others in the Obama administration for one.   read more

Big Tobacco’s Dire Health Warnings on E-Cigarette Packs Seen as Cynical Marketing Strategy

Big Tobacco discouraging Americans from buying its unhealthy products? Stanford professor Dr. Robert K. Jackler said he “nearly fell off my chair” when he saw the warnings on the e-cigarette packs. “Is this part of a noble effort for the betterment of public health, or a cynical business strategy? I suspect the latter.” The strategy might be intended to "curry favor with consumers” in order to “earn a kind of legitimacy [they've] sought for decades."   read more

Will Billing Rape Victims Thousands of Dollars for Medical Exams in Louisiana Finally Come to an End?

Victims are often billed $1,700 to $4,000 for evidence collection, HIV tests and ER fees. Interim LSU Hospital formerly did not charge victims. However, after the hospital control was transferred to private interests at the behest of Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), victims began to be billed. Some state lawmakers and health officials are now calling for a new law to change this longstanding policy. “Talk about being traumatized twice,” said state Democratic Representative Helena Moreno.   read more

Judicial Appointees of Obama and Clinton to Weigh in on Restrictive North Carolina Voting Law

The North Carolina bill is part of a pattern by Republican-led governors and state legislatures to change the voting rules in a way that results in making it more difficult for poor and minority citizens to vote. Some of the changes are made in the name of voter fraud prevention, but no one can point to any significant instances of such misconduct. During oral arguments, Judge James Wynn, an Obama appointee, asked, "Why does the state of North Carolina not want people to vote?"   read more

Amazon under Increasing Fire from Authors over Alleged Monopolistic E-Book Tactics

The group of 300 writers isn’t just pressuring Amazon’s board. It’s also pushing the Department of Justice to investigate it for alleged monopoly tactics. “We’re talking about...deliberately making a book hard or impossible to get, ‘disappearing’ an author,” said Ursula K. Le Guin. “Amazon is using censorship to gain total market control so they can dictate to publishers what they can publish, to authors what they can write, to readers what they can buy."   read more
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