Dying Alone During Coronavirus

Dying Alone During Coronavirus


I am dying alone so that you may live.

Through the closed window, I see you.

My children, my grandchildren, my friends.

You weep; you try to smile; you blow one more kiss goodbye.


I am dying alone so that you may live.

My children and grandchildren.

I taught you to walk. I taught you to dance and sing.

When you fell, I helped you rise.

When your doubts were deep, I listened.

When you asked, I tried to explain.

I tried to help you do it yourself.

I tried to guide you to find yourself.


My friends.

We laughed, we shared.

We remembered the best times and forgave the worst.


My children, my grandchildren, my friends.

I am dying alone so that you may live.

Even in my pain, it gives me a final pleasure.

Your love fills me.

May my love fill you forever.


I am happy to die alone so that you may live.


David Wallechinsky


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